Benefits of Softened Water

For Your Family

Soft water isn’t just for your home – it comes with a whole host of benefits for your family, too. Treat the family to softer skin and smoother, silkier hair with just one simple change. You’ll even use less soap and shampoo, saving you a small fortune.

It’s not just your bodies that will feel the difference. With soft water, your clothes will last up to 20% longer, whites stay whiter for longer, and you’ll never have to worry about itchy fabrics again. The list of benefits of softened water really is endless.

For Your Home

Do you spend hours cleaning your home? Do you take too long wiping soap scum from your shower screen? Do you spend far too much on cleaning supplies? There’s a simple answer to all of your problems: soft water.

The benefits of softened water for your home are immense. From reduced cleaning supplies to longer-lasting appliances and reduced pipe damage, your issues can be fixed in one fell swoop.

For The Planet

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to help protect the environment every day or you’re a true wildlife warrior, softened water has a multitude of benefits for the planet.

Thanks to soft water’s ability to make cleaning easier, you’ll be buying fewer cleaning products – great for your pocket and the environment as fewer chemicals end up disappearing down your drains. Plus, the new-found longevity of your appliances mean less rubbish making its way to landfills.

Our smart technology

Every EcoWater water softener comes with an online dashboard where you can monitor your unit's performance and track your water usage on the mobile app.

Through your dashboard, not only can you can find out how much water you're using daily, weekly and monthly, but you can also access a report that tells you everything your machine has done since its installation.

Your online dashboard is also where you can set up and amend your alerts. If someone's left a tap running for too long, a flow monitor will let you know, while salt level alerts to your mobile device mean you don't have to keep checking your unit.

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