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EcoWater makes the most innovative and advanced water softeners on the market.

EcoWater Systems began in 1925, when its founding father Lynn G Lindsay Sr was awarded the first of many patents for water softening. Today, with more than 40 active patents, EcoWater Systems makes the most innovative and advanced water softeners on the market.

At the forefront of smart technology

EcoWater products are renowned in the water treatment industry for their reliability and longevity. With a heritage of almost a century, built on best-in-class technological innovation, EcoWater Systems continues to set the standards for the industry as a whole. The EcoWater softener range is provided by the oldest and largest water treatment company in the world.

EcoWater Systems first traded as Lindsay Water Softeners. In 1937, the Permutit Company was founded in the UK and started a long tradition of providing reliable water softeners that consumers could trust. This made them a perfect potential partner, and when the opportunity arose they became part of the global company EcoWater Systems Group in 1990 as it expanded into the UK market.

EcoWater Systems is a member of The Marmon Group and a subsidiary of the Berkshire Hathaway Company. As the world’s largest manufacturer of automatic domestic water softeners, EcoWater Systems gives you the highest quality and safest products. Manufactured in the USA, EcoWater is sold all over the world with offices in USA, Canada, Europe, China and the UK.

We know purchasing a water softener is an investment, so we strengthen every purchase with excellent service and support. And we’ll do the same in the future – with none of the uncertainty that comes with other brands.

EcoWater UK combines the best of both worlds: a long-established British company with the expertise of a world leader.

How can you be sure?

Offering the most advanced, innovative and reliable technology on the market, EcoWater manufactures 1 out of every 4 residential water softeners in the world.

Unlike many water treatment brands, EcoWater makes everything itself, designing, engineering and manufacturing 95% of its products and components in its own facilities to international water product standards. EcoWater’s state-of-the-art, highly computerised facilities based in St Paul, Minnesota, and Ripley, Mississippi, ensure the highest level of quality.

Looking after you

EcoWater offers peace of mind and quality that can be relied on. Authorised EcoWater experts take care of everything from installation through to optional after care for total trust in your unit.

Our local EcoWater experts will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our products, and the processes of water softening and filtration.

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