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EcoWater water softeners deliver
the soft and luxurious water you deserve

Up to 50% less running costs 

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Water softeners from EcoWater are reliable, efficient and smart

Smart, Reliable, Efficient

Smart: EcoWater’s unique smart water softener technology adapts to your water usage, for lower running costs, a longer life, and soft water when you need it. 

Reliable: EcoWater Systems, one of the world's largest manufacturers, have been at the forefront of water softener innovation, quality and superior reliability for over 90 years.

Efficient: Whatever the size of your home or the number of occupants, the eVOLUTION water softener range provides dramatic savings in both salt and regeneration water use - up to 50% less running costs than a basic block salt system.

Water Softeners

An EcoWater water softener provides luxurious soft water for your entire home. 


Drinking Water Filters

With EcoWater, healthy drinking water with a great taste comes right out of your tap.


How to buy

Your local EcoWater authorised dealer can help you choose the right water softener for your home.


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