Activated Carbon Water Filters

The best way to get great-tasting water on demand

Why choose EcoWater's carbon water filters?

No more microplastics

Say goodbye to microplastics in your water with an EcoWater refiner.

Remove unwanted odours

No more funny smells - you'll get odourless, great-tasting water every time.

Water filter

Crystal clear water

Enjoy perfectly clear water with no impurities thanks to our patented technology.

No more plastic bottles

Looking for a drinking water filter that can produce great-tasting water and doesn't break the bank or the planet might seem like finding a needle in a haystack. Not anymore.

EcoWater ticks all the boxes. Our activated carbon water filter reduces chlorine and other contaminants from your tap water, leaving you with perfect water all day every day. You can finally stop buying bottled water and help protect the environment.

Reliable activated carbon water filters

At EcoWater Systems, reliability is everything. We've been manufacturing domestic water softeners since 1925, and our range is made using 95% of our own components in our ISO9001 quality-controlled, state-of-the-art facilities.

Easy to install and use, your carbon water filter could last up to a year before it needs replacing. For a water filter, that's a long shelf life.

Why EcoWater.​

EcoWater offers peace of mind and quality that can be relied on. Our authorised experts work with EcoWater to take care of everything from installation and after care as well as future maintenance plans, providing you with total peace of mind and trust in your unit.

EcoWater’s technical team will be happy to answer any questions you might have about our products and your specific water filter requirements.

Smart technology

Gone are the days of constantly having to check your salt levels. Our cutting-edge technology means you can control your water softener from your smartphone and receive custom alerts on your salt level, water usage and more.

Luxurious soft water

From smooth skin to silky hair, soft water is the ultimate treat for you and your family. You'll even be able to enjoy whiter and longer-lasting clothes thanks to fewer harsh minerals in your washing machine.

Perfect filtered water

Enjoy beautifully filtered water without impurities and contaminants to aid skin hydration, nutrient absorption, digestion and more. It's bottled-water quality straight from your tap.

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