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Why choose EcoWater's water softeners for the planet?

Reduce plastics

It’s time to say goodbye to microplastics in your water thanks to EcoWater’s technology.

Reduce waste

With your appliances lasting longer and fewer cleaning materials needed, you’ll be sending less waste to landfills.

Reduce water usage

When your water is softened, you’ll need less of it to keep your hair shiny and your house clean.

Hard water

What is hard water? Hard water is described as ‘hard’ not because there’s any difference in rigidity, but because of its mineral content. During the

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Why choose EcoWater's water softeners?


Your softener is managed by smart software and automatically adapts to your personal water consumption.


Once your unit is set up, you only need to check it when you receive alerts through the app. We even provide a light to illuminate the salt tank when you open the lid.


We only use industry-leading technology made exclusively from corrosion-free materials to avoid wear and tear.

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