Living with EcoWater

Living with a water softener can be a big change, and you’ll find that there are things you need to get used to, from using fewer cleaning products to remembering to fill up the water softener with salt if it runs low. Luckily, our guide to living with EcoWater will help you when it comes to adjusting to living with soft water.

Wi-Fi water softener

If you have one of our wi-fi softeners, this will give you access to your softener from almost anywhere. Logging into your softener will allow you to see detailed information on how much water you are using every day. You can set up your own alerts regarding salt and water usage. You can also allow your dealer access for remote support and performance checks.

When will I start to experience soft water?

If you have water storage tanks it can take one or two weeks for totally softened water to come through your taps. This is because the water already stored in the storage tanks will start being diluted by the soft water, and the soft water will take time to become the only type of water in the water tank. If you have a direct water supply, you will receive softened water immediately.

Bathing with soft water

You’ll find you need to use fewer bathing products with soft water to create a lovely lather. Soft water doesn’t leave a residue and you’ll feel the natural oils on your skin, which has a ‘silky’ feeling.

Washing the dishes

You should reduce the amount of washing up liquid you use by about 50% if you wash your dishes by hand.

If you have a dishwasher, if appropriate, adjust it to the lowest water setting. There will be no need to add salt to the dishwasher because dishwasher salt is added to soften the water – you don’t need to soften softened water!

Laundry and soft water

You need to reduce the amount of washing powder by about 50% to reduce the amount of lather, otherwise, the lather may not rinse away properly. You’ll also find you can reduce the amount of fabric conditioner you use; you may find your laundry doesn’t need any at all.

Towels will benefit from a cool tumble dry and will continue to remain soft and fluffy for much longer. The hardness minerals in hard water cause the fabric in towels and clothes to become harsher and rougher. This means that with a water softener, your clothes and towels will last longer and be kinder to your skin every time you wear or use them.


You’ll find that a quick wipe round is all that is needed when cleaning sinks, baths, shower cubicles and basins. Hard water reduces the efficiency of cleaning products, so you have to use more to have the same effect. This means that when you start cleaning with softened water, you’ll not only have to use fewer products, saving money, but you’ll also have to spend less time cleaning, so you’ll have more time to spend doing other things, like being with your family.

Going on holiday

When you’re away and water isn’t being used the water softener will not recharge. It’s good practice to turn off your mains water when you’re away from home for longer than 24 hours. Returning home to leaks, burst pipes or worse can really ruin the mood after a holiday or weekend away.

Topping up your softener’s salt

Your water softener will display when it needs to be filled with salt. It’s extremely important to only use tablet salt with your softener as any other type of salt can affect how it works. Tablet salt is readily available through various outlets such as DIY stores, garden centres and delivery companies.

Your EcoWater softener will get to know you

Your water softener is going to keep an eye on your water usage and get to know your water usage habits and routines. This means it can then adapt to make sure it’s working as efficiently as possible. It will always make sure you are supplied with plenty of soft water.

Power Cuts

The softener does not use electricity to make soft water so power cuts will not interrupt your supply of softened water. The reason EcoWater softeners use electricity is to monitor your water and salt usage.

The water softener will retain all information for up to 72 hours. If the water softener is turned off for longer, you just need to reset the time and it will continue working as normal.

Your water is:

Any questions?

If you want to ask any questions about your EcoWater softener please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.

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