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EcoWater eVOLUTION water softeners are smart, reliable and efficient: up to 50% cheaper to run than a basic block salt softener. They are designed for every home for better performance. 

Water softeners make soft water - shock, horror.

The benefits of soft water

  • Longer working life for your washing machine, dishwasher and central heating system – saving you money on service and maintenance costs.
  • No limescale, no unsightly stains or scum marks on dishes, baths, basins, taps and tiles. Cleaning will be easier, with fewer cleaning products!
  • Better for your hair and skin, your skin will feel smoother, your hair will be shinier.
  • Towels, clothes and all fabrics take on a new fresh softness with less detergent. Use up to 50% less detergents, soaps and shampoos!
  • Gradually, softened water removes scale from water pipes, hot water cylinders and shower heads – you’ll enjoy your shower at its full power once again.

The EcoWater difference

  • Superior Reliability
    EcoWater Systems has been manufacturing domestic water softeners since 1925. Our latest range of eVOLUTION water softeners are manufactured using 95% of our own components in our ISO9001 quality controlled, state-of-the-art facilities.
  • EcoWater's peace of mind
    The eVOLUTION range of water softeners offers a choice of high capacity water softeners which will provide a long lasting and efficient solution for your home. Additionally, EcoWater Authorized Dealers are all highly skilled water treatment specialists and provide comprehensive customer care.
  • Simple to use
    An eVOLUTION water softener is totally automatic. It will adapt to your water usage and provide soft water on demand. All you need to do is occasionally add tablet salt (used for its self-cleaning process) - your softener will tell you when! 
  • Low Running Costs
    Up to 50% cheaper to run compared to a basic block salt softener. Our smart water softener technology controls the salt and water used for the regeneration process to ensure it is working as efficiently as possible.
Smart water softener range by EcoWater

Which water softener is right for me?

EcoWater's Compact water softeners are small enough to fit a kitchen cupboard and are suitable for the family home.

Our larger home water softeners can cope with the most demanding households, thanks to their high softening capacity and high flow rates.

Why not take the next step with EcoWater eVOLUTION Refiner. You'll benefit from the best water softening technologies, with the addition of active carbon, it also removes chlorine, unpleasant colors and tastes from your water.

If you would like any assistance, we will be happy to help - just fill out the form below! 

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More information

EcoWater has a range of smart water softeners, suitable for every home. For more information about our compact water softeners, click here. If your water needs are higher and space is not an issue, our larger home water softeners can be just the thing for you. Finally, if you are looking for the best solution on the market, you should have a look at our refiner range .

You can get your EcoWater water softener through your local EcoWater Authorized Dealer. Our dealers will guide you through the options and suggest which option is right for you. When you contact us, we will pass on your information to your local Authorized Dealer, who will get in touch with you.

In our how to buy section, we have, among other information, a guide to choosing a water softener, and a collection of frequently asked questions.

When to install a water softener

  • At anytime
    The good news is that a water softener will overtime remove the build up of lime-scale within the home. Therefore, you can install a water softener at any time.
  • Investing in a new bathroom or kitchen
    This is a good way to think about installing a water softener because it helps to protect your investment.
  • Buying a new water using appliance
    Showers, washing machines and dishwashers: all will be protected by using softened water.
  • Moving into a new property
    If you are building your home or moving into a new property, why not protect your investment from the start.


A water softener can be installed under the kitchen sink

Where to install a water softener

It is always best to install the water softener close to the incoming water mains. The water softener will need drainage for the regeneration process. Your local EcoWater Authorized Dealer will be able to give you all your options.

A home survey by your local Authorized Dealer is entirely free of charge, you can book one by completing the form below.

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EcoWater Systems UK or its authorized dealers will never share this information with third parties. For more information, please consult our privacy policy .

What our customers have to say ...

Scott Jenkins Water Softeners, Oct 27, 2020
My company sell Ecowater, they are very efficient and reliable.
richard crossman, Oct 27, 2020
A very professional installation, Scott did a great job, can’t wait to reap the benefits of our new soft water system having had so much scale in our water for so long.
Rebecca Wise, Jul 2, 2019
We had a new softener installed about a year ago in our property. The whole process was fuss free, John who called to quote was very knowledgeable and left me with information, there was no pressure to buy. We went for the Ecowater refiner, which reduces chlorine as my daughter has quite bad eczema. We had a water softener in previous house and her eczema had improved significantly but the little patches remaining in her hands and backs of legs have cleared up completely. The softener is great and has a WiFi connection so that we can see when it will need salt etc... Cannot recommend highly enough!
Jolyon Lomax, Oct 28, 2018
We have been supplying Ecowater water softeners since 1992, their quality and reliability have been proven time and time again. On Tap Water Treatment, Somerset
Simon Howton, Jun 11, 2018
As an independent water softener specialist, we can choose which water softeners we recommend to our customers. We have been recommending Ecowater softeners for over 25 years. In our experience they are the most reliable and long lasting water softener available and we would thoroughly recommend them.