ERO 375: Ecowater Reverse Osmosis - Drinking Water System

Pure, filtered water

Removing up to 91% of dissolved solids from your water, EcoWater’s Reverse Osmosis ERO 375 provides high-quality water for worry-free drinking and cooking.

The block carbon pre-filter removes sediment, chlorine taste and odour, and other residues from your water. Our industry-rated, high-volume membrane then rejects most dissolved solids, leaving it to the carbon post-filter to remove the final unwanted tastes and odours.

Our best technology perfected

Under-sink filtration

Provides the next stage in luxury removing chlorine odours and improving taste, with long-life activated carbon to ensure you have clean, filtered water right from the tap.

No more microplastics

Say goodbye to microplastics in your water with an EcoWater refiner.

Remove unwanted odours

No more funny smells - you'll get odourless, great-tasting water every time.

Water filter

Crystal-clear water

Enjoy perfectly clear water with no impurities thanks to our patented technology.


We only use industry-leading technology and components made exclusively from corrosion-free materials to avoid wear and tear within our products - knowledge we have gained after nearly 100 years within the industry.

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