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Why choose EcoWater's
water softeners?

For your family

Treat your loved ones to the perfect bubble bath and better skin and hair with EcoWater’s unique smart water softener technology.

For the home

Save money by using up to 50% less detergents, soaps and shampoos, and watch your appliances work for longer.

For the planet

With less salt and fewer cleaning materials needed, you can help the environment every day with your water softener.

Our water softeners

Small enough to fit into a kitchen cupboard, EcoWater's compact water softeners can cope with even the most demanding households.

Simple to use and with low running costs, we provide long-lasting, efficient solutions that allow you to live a life of luxury.All you need to do is occasionally ad tablet salt and your device will provide soft water on demand.


cheaper to run compared to a basic block salt softener


of UK households live in a hard water area


can be saved a year just by using a water softener

Why EcoWater.​

Smart technology

Our cutting-edge technology means you can control your water softener from your smartphone.

Luxurious soft water

From smooth skin to silky hair, soft water is the ultimate treat for you and your family.

Perfect filtered water

From tasty soft water to less limescale, soft, filtered water is the luxury you deserve.

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